Nude Trails

Nude Trails – Redwood Forest with Naturist Madison Page

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Follow blonde beauty Madison Page down a verdant redwood forest trail as she strips off her jogging outfit until she is totally nude, while you workout on your treadmill, bike machine, or stair climber. Every few minutes you will be rewarded by another piece of Madison’s clothing coming off until she is hiking completely “au natural!”

This may be the best way to inspire you or your spouse to exercise longer! (Wives can now get their husbands to lose those extra pounds!) Nude Trails- Redwood Forest is shot to simulate the perspective of a hiker, jogger or a biker moving briskly through majestic redwood groves, towering ferns, and tranquil river trails, with Madison Page beckoning and encouraging you to hike deeper and faster into the forest with her.

The longer you workout with Nude Trails- Redwood Forest, the more you get to see of Madison Page, until she is completely naked.

You won’t want to stop until you see her totally nude, and your total workout session will last for forty minutes.

A bonus five minute scene with a naked Madison Page stretching and relaxing “au natural” rewards you at the end of your workout.

Nude Trails- Redwood Forest features Madison Page, a stunning 25 year old blonde girl-next-door type with bubbly energy and lots of hiking experience to entice you to get up and get moving. The scenery in your Nude Trails virtual work out is designed to inspire you to workout better, longer, and to break you out of your boring fitness routine.


Nude Trails – California Coast

Nude Trails – California Coast with Naturist Gwendolyn Jane

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What does it take to inspire you to work out? Perhaps a beautiful and enchanting woman beckoning you down a pristine sandy beach? The longer you exercise…the more you get to of her!

Follow stunning 22 year old Gwendolyn Jane as she strips off her hiking gear- piece by piece, until she is totally nude! Watch her strip while you work out on your treadmill, elliptical, bike machine, or stair climber. And every few moments you are rewarded with another piece of Gwendolyn’s clothing coming off…until she hiking completely naked on a nude beach.

This is the best way to get you…or your spouse off the couch and exercising better! Longer!

Nude Trails- California Coast is shot to simulate the perspective of a hiker, jogger or a biker, moving briskly down a rugged coastal trail overlooking the sparkling blue Pacific. Imagine yourself hiking across a sandy nude California beach.

Flirty Gwendolyn Jane beckons and encourages you to work harder and faster with her as she treks along the sandy beach. The longer you work out, the more you get to see of Gwendolyn, until she is completely naked and you are completely exhausted. You won’t want to stop until you see this hot naked body running and playing across a deserted shoreline…and your workout session totals fifty minutes.

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