Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Flows

Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Flows


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“Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Flows” features the beautiful & supple yoga teacher Karina as she gracefully moves through a yoga asanas, while calming instructions educate and inspire throughout the session.

Karina has practiced yoga and wellness for ten years and seen its transformative power. She teaches Vinyasa, Sculpt, and Yin, and has over 200 teacher training hours. Through her teacher training and the gift of guiding others through their yoga and wellness journey she stresses the importance yoga is in creating balance, acceptance, patience, and peace not only with oneself but with others.

She believes that every person has lessons to give and that we all gain lessons from each other, especially when we share the gift of yoga.

“Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Flows” begins with easy and basic asanas…specifically designed to enhance flexibility, reinforce core muscles, and nurture and repair your lower and upper back muscles.

Other benefits could include achieving a better balance, alleviating lower back pain, building your abs and flexors, and overall de-stressing and relaxing you.

Karina also demonstrates some more intermediate and advance poses for those who seek a challenge in their yoga session.

Learn as you follow naturist yoga performed clearly and slowly with guiding instructions. Or simply relax and enjoy the beauty of yoga poses with the supple and experienced yoga teacher Karina. Let Karina be your own personal yoga teacher, as she leads you thru the wonders of naturist yoga!

Karina is very graceful and flexible, as she slowly flows through a progression of yoga positions, starting out on warm-up poses and moving through a number of simple limbering poses perfect for loosening up unwinding and stretching your body. These carefully constructed series of yoga poses are excellent for those wishing to focus on balance, back strengthening, re-alignment and core stability.

“Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Flows” begins with a basic lotus, and then transitions thru a series of flexibility poses that are ideal for the beginner or intermediate yoga practitioner looking to enhance their flexibility, balance, back strength, building core support and range of movement. Breathing exercises are incorporated into the series. The beautiful yogini Karina finally concludes her session with some relaxing cool down positions. Gentle instructions and helpful tips accompany the entire session. The tranquil outdoor setting adds an element of deep serenity and meditational ambience.

“Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Flows” is ideal for the beginning yoga disciple, and perfect for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the potential of naturist yoga to nurture and enhance a freeing naturist balance of health, body and spirit.
Shot in high definition, “Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Flows” includes approximately fifty minutes of naturist yoga, interspersed with calming interludes, zen koans, an instructional narrative with meditational soundtrack.

Performing yoga nude enables one to feel free, open and unrestrained in movements and meditations, and able to experience pristine natural surroundings without barriers or restrictions. In its purest form, nude yoga can totally unite the body, mind, and spirit with nature and the tranquil surroundings, resulting in a state of joyful natural bliss, free of the burden of clothes.
Some of the poses featured in “Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Flows” include Lotus, Boat Pose, Camel, Cat/Cow, Dancer, and other favorites.

Available on Vimeo, Reelhouse  & Amazon